5/09/2019 – PTM Innovations today announce the release of their flagship pre-treatment machine for DTG.


The new machine simply titled the PTM, allows anyone with a DTG printer to prepare a shirt for pint more effectively.

You simply set the amount of pre-treat to match the garment, then load the shirt and push the button. That’s it!


Management says “The design of the new DTG – PTM pre-treater has current DTG operators in mind. It’s built to handle the robust needs of business owners who print occasionally -or all day long.”

The machine has a metal construction and is coated with an ACF-50 anti-corrosion film.


The unique spray nozzle system delivers precision surface coating without clogging. And, the PTM is breeze to clean and maintain with an integrated semi-automated cleaning function.


The PTM also encapsulates the shirt entirely, so there is no misting of pre-treat into the room.  It’s compact to fit on most tables which can hold the DTG machine.

The company also says the new machine is competitively priced.

There are a number of firsts with the PTM pre-treat unit namely:

  • Maximum pre-treatment area of 19˝ x 15.5˝ (480 x 390mm)

  • Spray cycle time adjustable from 2 to 12 seconds

  • Completely enclosed spray chamber –no misting

  • Rotational shirt platen (load front or side and ideal for thicker garments)

  • Adjustable spray length

  • Dual pre-treat tank system allows for machine to hold 2 pre-treatments for easy swapping (Light and Dark Pre-treat)

  • ACF-50 coated (anti corrosion film)

  • Robust Single spray nozzle

  • No air compressor or custom electrical wiring required


A unique feature of the PTM unit is that the coating used in production to extend usability life.  ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula, a state of the art, anti-corrosion lubricant compound, specifically designed for the Aerospace Industry is incorporated into each PTM unit.


ACF-50 is an ultrathin Fluid Compound (TFFC) that actively treats metal using advanced polar bonding technology. ACF-50 actively penetrates and “creeps” into the tightest seams, lap joints, micro cracks, displacing moisture and salt based corrosive fluids.


Management said: “The PTM is really the culmination of all the experience our group has had with so many DTG printers in the market, We know that pre-treat is the Achilles heel of the DTG industry.” They said.

“We know it’s a pain to ask unskilled or untrained people in your business to pre-treat correctly – so we looked at how we could make the whole DTG process more seamless and simplified”